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Food, Vital And Extensive Source Of Survival

Food is an essential part of everyone’s lives. It is meant to satisfy your body’s needs and provide you with health and energy. There is no life without food; we need a proper amount of diet to survive. Protein and Nutrition are the most significant components present in a healthy diet. They provide fundamental types of materials which are highly required to keep our bodies functioning. We need the energy to grow and repair our tissues to maintain body temperature and enable physical activity. Carbohydrates, protein, and fat are some rich Nutrients.

Healthy Diet A Way to Healthy Life

A healthy diet is consuming all necessary nutrients, taken in an appropriate amount from all the food groups. It helps maintain good health, keeps you physically active, and protects you against many chronic, non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases. Eating varieties of foods, less salt, sugars, and industrially produced trans-fats are essential for a healthy diet.

Benefits of Eating Healthy Foods

Here are a few benefits of consuming healthy food:

  • Weight Loss- Overweight is considered the biggest risk factor for several poor health conditions. Maintaining a moderate weight is very significant for healthy living life. It reduces the chances of chronic health issues.
  • Lower the risk of heart diseases- Healthy diet boosts “good” cholesterol. In addition, it decreases unhealthy triglycerides, which directly impacts the risk of heart disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and high blood pressure by helping your blood flow smoothly.
  • Improve memory, and Good sleep- Consumption of fruits, vegetables, fish, whole grains is responsible for improving blood vessels; it reduces the risk for a memory-damaging stroke. In addition, diet and proper Nutrition can influence the quality of our sleep.

A Tour To Global Cuisine

Global cuisine is a cuisine with a great variety in terms of flavours, tastes, and combinations worldwide. Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and American are considered the top five main cuisines on the world plate.

Italian –It is perhaps created by traditional Italian cooking. Its recipes are rich in olive oil instead of other fats; they are almost always scratching as there are no artificial ingredients and no processed foods are involved. It is also known for its use as a diverse variety of pasta.

Chinese –They are rich and colourful, have diversified colour and excellent taste. They are usually seen sold in street stalls and or small restaurants. Rice is a major staple food in China. Fujian cuisine is famous for its delicious seafood and soups. Seafood is a form of sea life regarded as food by humans, prominently including fish and shellfish.

Indian- It has a wide range in variety and taste. Indian food is always prepared with fresh ingredients. In addition, side dishes and condiments like chutney, curries, daals, and pickles contribute to the overall flavour and texture balanced meal. There are huge varieties of delicious food made worldwide, and every region has its speciality and influence. Therefore, it is impossible to decide which cuisine is most delicious objectively.

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