Is Organic Food Better Than Non-Organic Food?

Organic foods are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals, such as human-made pesticides and fertilizers, and do not contain genetically modified organisms. Organically grown crops tend to use natural fertilizers like manure to improve the growth of the plant; even the animals raised organically are also not given hormones.

Organic farming helps in improving the fertility of the soil and conservation of groundwater; it also reduces the level of pollution and even better for the environment. Organic foods include fresh produce, meats, dairy products, and processed foods such as crackers, drinks, and frozen meals produced by the organic farming method.

Organic Food Contain More Nutrients

Organic foods are grown naturally, so they contain more amounts of nutrients as compared to non-organic food. They include a higher quantity of vitamins and minerals, which results in a better quality of health. For example, organically grown oranges deliver 30 percent more vitamin c than non – organic oranges.

Environment Benefits

Organic agriculture is beneficial for the environment as they prohibit the use of synthetic fertilizers, thus reducing the pollution of the soil and watershed. Farming without synthetic pesticides is also better for nearby birds and animals as well as for people who live close to farms.

Water is a crucial part of the environment, and we must keep it pure. When pesticides are sprayed on plants, then chemicals result in the impurity of the water. Using organic farming does not happen and plays an essential part in keeping the water clean for our healthy system.

Benefit for Society

Organic food has grown in popularity, as consumers are purchasing organic products more frequently as they are being healthier and grown in a way that is even healthier for the environment. Consumer even prefers organic food to keep them away from pesticides.

Organic Food Are Tastier 

Organic food tastes better than non-organic food as it is fresher because it is locally produced. Organic food is fresher because it doesn’t contain preservation that makes it last longer. Organic food does not have an additive, so taste better.

Support for Local Farmers

Most organic foods are grown and sold locally; it supports and promotes the farmers in your surrounding area. By purchasing organic food, you are helping local farmers in living their livelihood. You are also sending a statement to the government that you are willing to pay little more to remain healthy and eat food without pesticides. 

Absence of Food Coloring 

Food coloring is added to fruits and vegetables to make them appear healthy and convince you to buy them. Organic food does not contain food coloring, so they are more beneficial for you.

Reduces Health Risk

Organic food does not contain pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics; the benefit of avoiding them will reduce the health risks as these pesticides are harmful for your health.

With the increase in organic food consumption, it is becoming more comfortable and more affordable to purchase organic food. Organic food helps in living a healthy life by reducing the risk of life as rarely they cause an eating disorder.

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