12/7/05-New top pic.

10/12/05-4 new FMA wallpapers in Multimedia.

9/10/05-New poll! New tagboard. I took the new tagboard off. People seem to hate it. I got several complaint emails. The old one is back. The reason I changed it in the first place is because people were posting bad stuff. There was cyber sex going on the tagboard and I wanted to stop that.

8/4/05-'Outfits' section now open in Ed's Profile.

8/3/05-Added more pics for 'FMA characters in the Sims' in Humour.

8/2/05-Updated FMA Movie. 1 new funny pic in Humour.

7/24/05-I hate to inform that I've taken all video and mp3 files off this site becuase I am still having site bandwidth problems. If I haven't done this, it was possible that I had to close NAS. :( I am trying my very best to keep this site up. So please try to understand that some things had to be taken off in order to keep NAS alive. We all must make sacrifices, right?

7/10/05-I've gotten lots of emails saying, 'Where's the tagboard?' I took it off for a while b/c I am currently having problems with my site bandwidth. I'm trying to fix the problem as soon as I can. Once it is fixed, I'll put the tagboard back.

6/27/05-New layout.

The webmaster will be making some layout changes to all the webpages of this site. Don't be alarmed if something looks different. There will be more site updates. But they will slow down until the changes are complete.

6/12/05-Added doujinshi in FMA Doujinshi.

5/17/05-New poll. Vote now!

5/3/05-Added 46 new icons in Multimedia (27 animated 100x100, 15 non-animated 100x100, 3 animated 50x50, and 1 non-animated 50x50).

3/28/05-Added 24 icons and 1 donated wallpaper in Multimedia. 12 new fanart and 1 new fanfic in Fandom. 4 funny pics in Humour.

3/27/05-HAPPY EASTER! Added 'FMA movie trailer 2' pics in the Gallery.

3/26/05-4 new wallpapers in Multimedia. Movie trailer added in FMA movie.

3/25/05-New section, 'FMA Movie.'

3/16/05-Added 5 new wallpapers and 6 icons in Multimedia. 5 new pics in FMA Obsession. 1 new fanart in Fandom.

3/15/05-Updated 'FMA characters in The Sims' in Humour. 1 b-day gift for NAS and 23 new fanart in Fandom.

2/25/05-Added 1 b-day gift for NAS and 1 new fanart in Fandom.

2/23/05-Added 6 new fanart in Fandom, 1 new donated wallpaper in Multimedia, and new section,'FMA Obsession.'

2/13/05-Added 2 new fanart and new section, 'B-day Gifts for NotAShrimp' in Fandom.

2/9/05-New Ed pic ontop the main page.

2/8/05-Added 1 fanart, 9 cosplay pics in Fandom. 1 new doujinshi "BELLY UP!" in FMA Doujinshi. Added "UNDO" and "Bratja" mp3s in Multimedia.

2/3/05-This Saturday(Feb 5th) is the 1st Anniversary of Not A Shrimp! This site has been up for one whole year! ^_____^

2/1/05-9 new avatars in Multimedia and 4 fanarts in Fandom.

1/10/05-Added 3 new fanart in Fandom and added 'FMA postcard 2005 calender' in the Gallery.

1/9/05-New Forum since the old one had problems.

1/8/05-New Poll, vote!

1/6/05-1 new fanart in Fandom.

1/4/05-HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 1 new fanart in Fandom.