12/29/04-I captured some screenshots from the trailer for the FMA movie. You can see them in the Gallery. There may be spoilers! 1 donated wallpaper in Multimedia and 1 new fanfic in Fandom.


12/24/04-Happy Christmas Eve everyone! Added "FMA 2005 calender" pics in the Gallery.

12/21/04-Three donated wallpapers in Multimedia and updated Ed's Profile.

12/4/04-3 new fanart and 2 new fanfic in Fandom!

11/21/04-1 fanfic in Fandom!

11/20/04-New fanart in Fandom! Several new pics for the Sims in Humour.

11/18/04-1 new cosplay picture in Fandom.

11/14/04-Added more big screenshots in the Gallery. (There are some major spoilers in those pics!)

11/13/04-New layout!^___^

10/30/04-1 new wallpaper in Multimedia->FMA Wallpapers. NotAShrimp got a email from 'Vic Mignogna,' Ed's English voice actor!! :D

10/30/04-New cosplay pics in Fandom.

10/27/04-4 new doujinshi in FMA Doujinshi!

10/09/04-Ed has officially answered over 100 letters!! Wow, congrats Edward!

10/07/04-FMA soundtrack music is up again and the MP3 singles have been fixed in Multimedia.

10/04/04-Happy Birthday FMA!!

10/03/04-2 new wallpapers in 'FMA Wallpapers'-> Multimedia. 1 donated wallpaper in 'Donated Wallpapers'-> Multimedia.

10/02/04-Cosplay pictures added in Fandom.

10/01/04-Added scans of 'Solitary Cell' in FMA Doujinshi. Three more days until FMA's b-day!

9/28/04-The webmaster is back! Added more letters in 'Read Letters.' Updated Ed UFO Doll Shrine. Look forward to more updates! ^_^

9/13/04-Added mp3s, 'Rewrite (4th OP)', 'I Will' (4th ED) and Ed's song 'Asu he no Basho' in Multimedia.

9/7/04-Play some games in Multimedia.

9/7/04-This is not a big deal, but look at the 'splash page' to see my small Flash animation I made.

9/5/04-More GBA screenshots in Gallery, 1 donated wallpaper in Multimedia, updated 'What if FMA gets dubbed by FUNimation?' in Humour, and a poll (down-right corner).

9/4/04-GBA screenshots submitted by 'FurherMustang7' in the Gallery.

8/29/04-Stuff about Dream Carnival in PS2 Game.

8/23/04-Added more 'Big Animated Gifs' in Multimedia. 2 new pics added to 'Funny Pictures' in Humour.

8/21/04-Updated 'What if FMA gets dubbed by Funimation' in Humour and 1 new avatar in Multimedia.

8/19/04-Edward sings! You can find 2 of Ed's songs in Multimedia.

8/17/04-The webmaster is back from vacation! Added some letters Ed answered when I was gone. ^_^ More updates coming soon.

8/7/04-New fanart in Fandom and a Ed music video in Multimedia!

8/6/04-3 new wallpapers and new icons in the Multimedia section.

8/1/04-241 screenshots captured by me of Episode 42. Including the new OP/ED. You'll find them in the Gallery. Enjoy! I warn you, major spoilers in those pictures!

7/25/04-2 new pics in Ed UFO Doll Shrine.

7/18/04-1 new fanart in Fandom, added FMA Drama CD in Multimedia section and FMA Fanbook 02 scans in the Gallery section.

7/17/04-Added some new Sims pics in the Humour section. Updated Terms as well.

7/15/04-Hey fans, now you can write a letter to Ed! Click Dear Edward... and send him a note!

7/14/04-4 new wallpapers made by me in Multimedia.

7/13/04-1 new Ed wallpaper made by me in Multimedia.

7/12/04-FMA soundtrack downloads are open again in Multimedia, but only for a limited time.

6/12/04-Preview screenshots of Square Enix's 2nd FMA PS2 game! Click here! Comic Novel Scans added to the gallery.

6/11/04-Added 'Funny Pictures' in Humour.

6/10/04-Sorry for the lack of updates. Seiyuu is now open.

5/23/04-Magazine Cover Scans, Magazine Page Scans and Trading Card Scans galleries is now open!

5/22/04-New background picture for the main page to celebrate FMA's big success in the 26th annual Animage readers' poll! (See list below to see the results)

5/18/04-New section, FMA Doujinshi.

5/08/04-Fanart was finally submitted! Go to Fandom to see them!

5/03/04-Updated Humour.

5/02/04-Updated Multimedia, About Me, PS2 Game, and Why Not a Shrimp? New pages, Humour, FAQ, and Ed UFO Doll Shrine are now open.

5/01/04-Won an award! Check out Awards.

4/30/04-Big update! First of all, small change on main page layout. Second, Fandom, PS2 Game, Terms, About Me, andFMA Stuff is now open. Third, Updated Multimedia, Ed's Profile, Gallery, and Links/Link to me.

4/23/04-Updated Multimedia and Links/Link to me.

4/22/04- Multimedia is open!

4/21/04-FMA: Hiromu Arawaka ArtBook Scans and PS2 game guide Scans galleries are open!

4/19/04-Relationships is open!

4/19/04-FMA Pocket Guidebook scans gallery is now open!

4/18/04-Updated Eds Profile.

3/25/04- Screenshots in the Gallery is open!

3/25/04-Eds Profile and The Story are open!

3/23/04- Why not a shrimp? section is open!

2/06/04- Opening of Not a Shrimp.