You bumped into the one and only "Not a shrimp" shrine dedicated to the one and only braided alchemist, Edward Elric! Exactly what is this site about? One, it's about Ed, duh! But, the other part of this site is to explain "Why Ed is NOT a shrimp." All of us who have seen the TV series or read the manga know how Ed hates to be called "short" or "a shrimp." He gets all worked up, he has a mad look on his face, including the bulging anger mark on his forehead. Ed curses and may even beat the person who insulted him. That's how we all know him today and us fans love him anyway. In other words, yes, this is a site that supports Ed's NOT-shrimpiness XD. Hopefully, you're leave this site with plenty of knowledge about our favorite alchemist and know the fact, he is NOT A SHRIMP! Enjoy my fellow Ed-lovers!!
Anything on this site cannot be used or taken off without my permission! Only the content in the Gallery and Multimedia sections are allowed for public use. Unless stated otherwise. ~Thanks, CoolNekoChan
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5/28/06-FMA OVA now open! New poll!

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